Network Inventory Software

Network Inventory
The letters WMI are three letters that stands for something that is very foreign to me. And according to Wikipedia WMI stands for Windows Management Instrumentation or Windows Management Interface.

It is a set of interface or instruments that serves as extension for Windows driver models that help certain operating systems to gather information and notification. I wanted to learn more about WMI in a simpler terms and approach. Because I think it is a very essential component with a very important purpose.

I was suddenly interested with WMI because I discovered about network inventory and I got very curious about it. I found out about network inventory and all the network inventory advisor software at www.clearapps.com. I didn’t know there is such a thing as a need to audit network software and hardware. It was an eye opener and I want to learn more about it. What is more fascinating is that through the network inventory advisor a company will be able to save on their IT cost because of the agent free network inventory system.

Looking forward into fully comprehending the ins and outs of this new world I have stumbled upon. Will be doing more self research.

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