Sammy Sosa Bleached Skin Picture

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Lots of Sammy Sosa snapshots have been doing rounds on the cyberspace these days. The pictures of Sammy Sosa’s faded skin make him appear similar to the like of Casper the amiable ghost. His new snapshots were captured while Sammy Sosa made himself visible at Mandalay bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

As an ex major league baseball batter, Sammy's pictures could doubtlessly cause people to marvel what is going on with his skin and why such kind of photos were snapped.

Sammy Sosa Bleached Skin
Rebecca Polihronis, a former Cubs member of staff who puts herself in close contact with Sammy, attempted to clear certain rumors that was making noise across the net. She expressed that Sammy was not trying to be Michael Jackson and he had been going through a rejuvenation procedure for his skin as great number of females usually have it most of the times.

She said that even Sammy was amazed when the result came out looking his skin so white. She also hinted that it was a body double and part of the photo appearance was the cause of the lights or flashes from camera.

Lots of people say that the extreme skin lightening is because of the excessive use of skin bleaching, while others think that can be caused of steroid, which causes vitiligo, the same skin colour illness Michael Jackson was conceived to have had.

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