Understanding Dementia and Dementia Symptoms

Dementia Symptoms
One of my close friend’s grandmother is already 83 years old. The last time I spoke to her she was telling me about her grandmother’s current condition. She was asking me for some information that could help her in understanding dementia better.

But I told her I have not encountered anybody in my family or anyone close to me that was in the same state as her granny. At the moment her grandmother is living with them in the Philippines. She has only been with them for a couple of weeks now but already they are having some difficulties in taking care of her. At first they did not know what her real condition was not until she did some research and found out about the possible dementia symptoms.

My friend loves her granny so much, and as much as she wants to see her get better she understands that as of the moment there are no dementia treatment available as of the moment. So I just told her that the best thing they can do now is to show her how much they love her and take care of her the best way they can.

It is now that she needs her family the most. It won’t be easy especially now that it has only been several days that her granny is with them, but as long as they will all help in taking care of her it will make it less hard.

I also advised her to bring her grandmother to a medical expert in her condition. They are the ones who can give them sounder advice as well as possible prescription medicines that her grandmother possibly needs.

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