What is Rhabdomyolysis Rhabdo?

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What is Rhabdomyolysis Rhabdo
- One of my favorite TV show is HOUSE, and in tonight's episode they will feature about Rhabdomyolysis which hits a young girl who displays bloated extremities.

Her indications are so serious that a pal expresses her appearance look like a marshmallow man. Rhabdomyolysis illustrates the failure of skeletal muscle resulted by muscle tissue trauma. The factors can be chemical, physical or biological.

At high amounts, statin medications can damage the production of particular proteins involved in muscle metabolism and function. Remarkably, this can give effect in muscle ache and tenderness — a disorder familiarly known as statin myopathy. In the event that you notice mild muscle ache, cease taking your statin medication and call your doctor as soon as possible. Muscle aches normally goes away in less than a couple of weeks after quitting the statin drug.

In extreme situations, statins may cause muscle cells to break down. This unusual but potentially grievous side effect is known as asrhabdomyolysis.

Following are the common symptoms of rhabdomyolysis that include:

* Acute muscle ache all the way to the whole body
* Muscle feebleness
* Dark or cola-colored urine

Additional non-physical factors can include toxins, poisons and infections.

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