Brittany Murphy Funeral Photos

Brittany Murphy Funeral Photos - It was sad to realize that we lost another creative and talented actress in the person of Brittany Murphy who died last Sunday at the young age of 32. This Christmas eve, her body was put to rest in an exclusive twilight ceremonial service at the Forest Lawn memorial park located in Hollywood hills.

Brittany Murphy Funeral PhotosBrittany Murphy was best remembered on her portrayal with numerous movies such the like of 8 Mile, Clueless, Girl Interrupted , Just Married, Love and Other Disasters. There were some bruits circulating the web that the cause of her sudden death was her being anorexic but nobody can prove this kind of rumor.

But the examiners believed that she died of natural cause and there was no unjust act being implicated. However, due to the exclusiveness of her memorial, there are no Brittany Murphy Funeral Photos available in the Internet.

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