Mythbusters Erik Gates Dies in Freak Accident

Mythbusters Erik Gates Dies in Freak Accident - Erik Gates, a frequent member of the favorite show MythBusters, has perished following a 30 foot fall in a job- related incident.

Mythbusters Erik Gates
Gates, 47 owner of Gateco Electric was operating in a location when he fell with a skylight. He endured blunt force trauma on his upper body and passed away on Sunday. In a much sadder angle, Gates’ brother Dirk Gates is chairman and CEO of Xirrus, Inc. - the agency that owns the location in which his brother was killed.

A co-worker that seemed to be at the rooftop along with Gates had his backside turned at the time he fell. He did not not notice or feel Gates had slipped. This particular incident took place at approximately 3: 30 PM last Sunday. Erik Gates came out on 4 installments of "MythBusters" as the sequences Amateur Rocket Expert.

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