Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers

Surviving Mesothelioma
Are you suffering from cancer? Do you feel like you are losing hope and badly need a source of strength and inspiration? Let me introduce you to Paul Kraus the author of the inspirational book “Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers”.

Paul is a Mesothelioma survivor who battled with the illness and has survived and lived longer than what the doctors have predicted. Paul’s fate and courage helped him through the whole process. He opted to try treatments and medicines like herbal and other alternative means.

He is one very inspiring person, and in his quest to help others who are going through what he been through, he decided to write a book about his whole experience. His aim is to help the patients as well as their family to make them feel that they are not alone in their battle and that there are many people like them out there who are also trying to survive.

For the patient’s families and loved ones, his goal is to build a support group, a means for them to communicate and share each other’s thoughts and emotions. Paul was able to develop a website as a venue for them to be reach out and share their experience.

Cancer patients, survivors, families and even experts from all over the world can converge. It is because all this wonders that the book is now a best seller among all the Mesothelioma book in the world.

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