Vic Chesnutt Dead From Apparent Suicide

Vic Chesnutt
Vic Chesnutt Confirmed Dead - As of today, it was regretfully announced that the notable singer and songwriter Vic Chesnutt was unconscious or in a state of deep coma coming after the mostly conceived to be a suicide attempt. According to some reliable information, Vic Chesnutt 45 was confirmed dead almost hours after falling into a comatose.

Vic Chesnutt was a famous songwriter and his popularity was firmly established in the Athens, Ga Music landscape. He initially merited the adoration of R.E.M's Michael Stripe in the 80's and from that time was commended by innumerable famous songwriters and musicians were a great number of them have subsequently worked with him.

His exposure to the public was exalted in the year 1996 when some of his notable songs were covered by a grand list of contributors such the like of Madonna, R.E.M, Garbage and Smashing Pumpkin to name a few for Sweet Relief collection of the record album that aided musicians who have no health insurance.

However, ironically, Chesnutt was not qualified for monetary aid from the Sweet Relief, though he had a health insurance in spite of his struggle to provide substantial health care expenses. He met a car accident when he was 18 year old that resulted in him to become invalid and being in a wheelchair.

He was quoted in his past interview that he amassed an enormous health care obligation and was being sued for $35,000 hospital bill payment and the fact that he had health insurance.

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