Fulton NY under 55 inches of Snow

Fulton NY under 55 inches of Snow
Fulton NY under 55 inches of Snow - Fulton is an urban area in Oswego County, New York where residents are acclimatized with lengthy, chilled wintertime. Since the city of Fulton, NY is situated nearby Lake Ontario, it significantly experiences a "lake-effect snow" were more than 100 inches yearly is a norm.

However, daily grinds must go on with or without snow. Whenever you are marveling if the snow will continue or stop, a weather prediction for the following 7 days will be full of snow in Oswego county. Which means, residents need to get out and shovel the snow at least 2 to 3 times a day in order to combat the almost 55 inches of snow that continues to fall since 28th of December.

Throughout the US territory, the wintry temperatures have been smashing the areas that have not experienced in any circumstances severe conditions of this magnitude. Even some states like Florida, Tennessee and New Jersey are being knocked down by record low temperature that cost 4 people lives due to hypothermia.

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