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LG Chocolate TouchThis is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

The cell phone stands out as the world’s top omnipresent technology. The 4 billion cellular phones being used in the world bring important data, furnishing you to access the Internet and are transpiring increasingly to surf the actual universe. As cellular phones transform the way we are living, technology scientists say, these gadgets are switching how the world thinks concerning information and facts.

By its face, Google’s innovative service which is accessible on many cellphone systems — is basically an opportunity for friends to remain track with each other, for relatives and families to keep communications intact, as well as for guardians that could uncover the ease with the knowledge wherever their kids might be.

Cell phones are no longer limited for the people with social or economic status in our society as almost everyone owns one. Mobile phones have become a division of people’s existence. Life devoid of a cell phone is similar to a life with no air, an electrical equipment with no electrical power or a soccer game with no ball.

It has remarkably shrunk the size of the earth into a tinier village as phones have gotten feasible to get close enough to individuals from anywhere else all around the world.

The most recent phone that amazed me is the new LG Chocolate Touch which is a phone having touch screen interface that expects to drive bounds as a multimedia tool. The Chocolate Touch consists of a media player and FM radio tuner for playing preferred songs anywhere you want to. Bluetooth allows owners to have fun with music, films, or TV shows using hands- free headsets and headphones.

Along with Dolby Mobile technology that provides an awesome sound quality, users can create and enjoy the music experience with personalized equalizer presets, which bring an extra space or natural lowest musical range. The sound enhancer can accurately stage higher- frequency sound and can result in an unfaltering sound in between songs. Moreover, it has delightful visual effects and features that contain awesome rhythmic beat, which resonates from the handset to the rhythm of the music.

Plus a one-touch message key for Social Networking that simplifies the usage of mobile blogging such the like of Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. With a built in 3.2 Mega Pixels Cam/Recorder, you can capture pictures and videos with ease using the image editor as well as sharing photos or video with the mobile media features that provide excellent text, voice messaging as well as the visual voice mail.

Overall, with these kind of features from a phone, I'm' pretty sure you will find it very useful and satisfactory. Personally, I'm already contemplating to switch my iPhone over the LG Chocolate Touch.

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