Phone Fake - A phone app to detect fake notes

Phone Fake
Neha was in the news lately after she originated a practical application for cellular phones which will go over the original money aside from their bogus counterparts.

In addition to this accomplishment Neha, a 21 year old Engineering student from a Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & Technology in Mysore, India has likewise received the award money from a contest known as Innovation Challenge structured through the Schneider Electric India last month of November 2009. 150 aspirants took part in the contest coming from technology schools throughout the nation.

Now, what prompted her to create that kind of device? She stated of the fact that the growing number of counterfeit currency in the country directed her to create this kind of tool. Neha said that a trained eye can determine the legitimacy and correctness of note greater than a regular man's eye. She affirms that this will assist an ordinary person to determine counterfeit notes effortlessly.

The concept caught in her head after she learned a number of research performed by the Intelligence Bureau towards the circulation of fake notes. Just about seven months past, she participated in a convention held by Reserve Bank of India in which specialists put light towards the feature of the currency. On that point, she inquired into them regarding the Fake Notes and they advised her everything but didn't make it possible for her to feel the fake currency.

Through proper research, she was able to recognize the disparities involving the genuine notes and counterfeit notes. Her analysis claims that if you place a money notes underneath the light, it features the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, the Fake notes display it likewise. However, genuine notes indicate a more brighter feature in comparison to fake-looking one. Subsequently, you will find water markings, which radiate in UV light and the water markings are made of magnetic ink.

She is optimistic that a few cell phone firms will give notice to her creation with 60% work completed by Neha.

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