Shepard Fairey Prints / Collection of Authentic Prints

shepard fairey prints
Shepard Fairey is a contemporary artist; he has done campaign for stickers with famous personalities in politics and entertainment. He was first known for his work in the skateboarding world, since he uses to design skateboards.

He surfaced from there and became a graphic designer and illustrator. One of his most famous works is the sticker campaign entitled “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” which then later became “Obey Giant” campaign.

He became even more famous when he designed a poster for then presidential candidate Barack Obama. Aside from being an illustrator and graphic artist, he is also a DJ under the name DJ Diabetic and DJ Insulin. Fairey has diabetes that is why his pseudonyms have got something to do with the disease.

He has been very famous that most of Fairey’s artworks are being replicated all over the world. His designs and authentic prints can be purchased online. He came up with a website so that his avid followers can get his works. They can also purchase his book, Supply and Demand, through his site.

Be amazed and be mesmerized with all of Faireys artworks and prints. Grab his authentic masterpieces and find out what the fuzz is all about you can even get with the famous Obey Giant prints.

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