Happy Chinese New Year to All

2010 Chinese New Year
Considered as a significant event, Chinese New year is virtually the most anticipated event in the Chinese holiday. This year, the Chinese New Year will start on the 14th of February.

With a month based starting within the darkest day, Chinese months are figured from the Lunar calendar where New Year celebrations customarily commence within the 1st day of the month and resume through the 15th of the day, whenever the moon is the shiniest. Throughout China, folks could possibly take several weeks of vacation from job to arrange and commemorate the Chinese New Year.

Fireworks and Family Feasts

During the Chinese New Year festivities, most folks wear red outfits, decorate their homes with poems using big red sheet of paper. Giving money are expected by lot of kids who hope to receive the "Hung Pao" or red envelope. Red represents fire, which in accordance with legend can easily dispel bad luck. The fireworks that are showering the celebrations tend to be grounded in a related ancient custom. Way back then when men and women in China lit up bamboo stalks, thinking that the sound of fires would likely scared bad spirits.

The Lantern Festival

In China, the Chinese New Year is big occasion that symbolizes a family gatherings while sharing foods, considerably a banquet for most on the New Year's Eve. On the other hand, several Chinese migrants came in US early without having their own families have discovered a communal feeling via neighborhood organizations alternatively. These days, quite a few Chinese-American community organizations organized banquets and other activities during the Chinese New Year festivities.

In several places, the foreground of the lantern event is the dragon dance. The dragon—which could extend a 100 feet long—is normally manufactured from paper, silk, and bamboo and being controlled by males who dance as they lead the vibrant beast over the streets. In US, is normally held during weekends with additions of marching bands and floats.

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Happy Chinese New Year to you! Now, the photo of the baby with the Chinese New Year tiger is cute!