Lenten season begins with Ash Wednesday services

ash Wednesday
Good gracious, its almost Ash Wednesday, which means Lenten season is fast approaching and summer heat wave will be on once again.

Anyway, do you still remember these proverbs "
“Remember man, thou art dust and unto dust thou shall return. Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.”

Together with these kinds of phrases, clergyman in purple robe will crisscross the foreheads of numerous Catholic devotees using ashes of burnt off palm fronds from last year’s Palm Sunday solemnization, in ceremony of Ash Wednesday, the 1st day from the 40-day period of Lent.

Being viewed as a worldwide day of abstaining from food, abstention, abnegation, along with penitence, the ashes on a person's temple are customarily kept during the day being an indication of humility or humbleness,

Inside Church services this Wednesday, Gospel reading and insights will concentrate on Matthew 6:1- 6; 16-18 that describes Jesus’ forewarning in opposition to hypocrisy and His commandments on charity giving, works of piousness and a good cause, praying, and fasting "which should be completed not necessarily for other folks to find out but by keeping it in private to ensure that the Father, who view in secret will compensate a person.”

Church members are spurred to go to confession for spiritual cleansing in readiness for the observance of Christ’s Renaissance on Easter Sunday.

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