Lindsay Lohan's Controversial Purple Fashion Magazine Cover

One actress who never runs out of controversies is no other than Lindsay Lohan. I guess, she is hungry for attention that she strives to do anything to grab general interests. It is still fresh in my mind when she posed in New York Magazine looking like a less-than- chaste Marilyn Monroe-esque photos on that spread. However, who will forget her public bickering with on & off DJ girlfriend Samantha Ronson? At this point, her current spread for the Purple magazine is attracting the despise of several Religious critics.

Lindsay Lohan's Controversial Purple Magazine Cover

The controversial pose portrays Lindsay as a Jesus Christ-life figure dressed in white robe, both arms fully extended like she is crucified. And by chance anybody doesn't quite get the blatant attempt to display the visible blueprint of Jesus over the cross, Lohan dons a circlet of barbs on top of her platinum-blond extensions.

Her French magazine cover has been pulling the fire while some people find it unsuitable and timely offensive as the Lenten season is fast approaching. Moreover, some people knock the spread cover as an apparent stunt to grab attention depicting Lohan as some kind of a celebrity martyr.

You will be the judge, what do you think of this Lindsay Lohan pictorial, is it appropriate or unfitting?

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