Infinity FX - for those Who Need a Little Extra Versatility

Infinity FX35
Infinity FX35 is a dream car for many. The first time I looked at the Infinity FX, I just loved the shape of it. Though, initially I wasn’t really thrilled with the color but overall, its round back shaped looked is very attractive.

I took a test drive the other day on 2010 Infinity FX35 and just loved the interior and the way it handled on the road. However, the price over $40,000 these days, I might settle for something little less.

Mercedes Benz slk class is another high end model compare to BMW Z4 or Audi TT. For the price tag reaching up to $40,000 is definitely not a family car. With two seater and small tank, it must be a high-class toy for those who can afford. Since I personally don’t like a small-scale car, I might consider something more roomier class instead of convertible.

GMC terrain is another USA favorite mid size SUV. It has an eye catching car exterior and drives really well according to one of my colleagues. The price is very reasonable, with MSRP of $24,000 and not to mention it has great mileage on the road for its class.

However, there is a Honda Accord which is the people choice for highest resale value because of reliability and reputation. The price and reliability are the major factor, I guess that's the main reason why people drive Honda Accord.

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