I'm back from our Vacation

Whew!! It seems that I was out of existence for a year after our one and a half month of long vacation from overseas (Taiwan and Phils.) Though it gave us a debilitating effect that follows after the leisure time, the enjoyable activities we spent with my love ones and friends are unfeignedly indescribable.

We just came back yesterday late afternoon(4th of May), and I was supposedly in hibernation for a couple of days but my hands feel itchy to check my emails and blogs, which been waiting for my updates or tidings from extended period of time.

Overall, our trip was full of felicity and merriment aside from meeting and getting together with my two blogging friends in Manila. For sure, some of my friends here in blogosphere already saw the pictures posted in my friends' blog.

Meeting and gaining new friends are indeed like a treasure that I highly valued and cherished. These two beautiful people are formidable and in fact, worthy of being treated in a particular way.


niko said...

weeeeeh! gising ka pa?? its quarter to 12am here na mare but am still awake hihihi

am trying to bid sa SR eh hihih. need more oppps lol. hmmmmmm anyways take a rest muna tapos full blast tau ng chika when ur fully charged hihihih

missss u! mwah mwah

kittykat said...

hi sis..Happy mother's day..your one mother I really admire..seeing you with your little Koala the patience and the care you give him is exceptional..we were also very happy to finally meet you in person..welcome back to the blogosphere..i miss you..love you sis..mwuah!!