Make Memories This Summer

best cable tv dealAs it gets warmer I am reminded of all the things I love to do during the summer. Backyard barbecues, water balloon fights and finding ways to stay cool, this is how I spend my summer.

One of my favorite activities is to watch movies, I know many like this during rainy season but I enjoy being inside with my satellite TV blasting surround sound in my air conditioned living room. And besides, I got the best cable tv deal, so why waste it even when the weather is nice?

Aside from this, I enjoy getting together with friends and family for a good game of poker. But it’s not just a card game; we also have board games out for those who aren't poker players. All this while the grill is going and the kids are playing ball on the lawn. When we don't have time to barbecue, we gather up in the evening and sit in our driveways with drinks and music.

We get to enjoy the start lit sky and of course, fight off mosquitoes all night. Another favorite by far is a summer road trip. Pack the car and head out to a lake or the beach and hey, while we are there might a well camp out. Tan, swim, play sports or go for a walk, this is all part of summer fun. All this bring back the best memories and I just can’t wait for it to start all over again. Look out summer because here we come.

Guest post from Dan Carroll.

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