MLB Baseball in Spring

Nothing tells me spring is here better than watching my Milwaukee Brewers on TVByDirect satellite television. Over the years my Brewers have seen their struggles, but that does not dampen my excitement every year.

Recently, though players like Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder has brought a renewed excitement to the team and their fans. Both of these players are very talented and look to have long careers. Hopefully, they will be able to stay with the Brewers for a very long time.

Now that my son is getting older, he is enjoying watching the Milwaukee Brewers as much as me. He is quickly learning the game by watching it with me. Nothing beats having your son by your side watching the Brewers. Even though it seems the Brewers struggle early in the season you never know how it will end up.

That is one of the great things about baseball a slow start does not mean doom and gloom like other sports. Injuries can always play a part in your team's success so hopefully the Brewers will not deal with that much this spring. America's pastime will always be baseball and every spring I will be there cheering the Brewers on.

Guest blog post by Roger Douglas

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