Pool Supplies List

Setting up an above ground or inground swimming pool in your backyard requires a slew of pool supplies, beyond the resources you need to set up the pool itself.

If you are planning to install a pool of either kind, then your investment starts with the pool itself. During installation, begin to develop a list of pool supplies that you'll need once your pool is complete.

High quality, 100 percent vinyl pool liners are available to give your pool an exotic look. Another reason to purchase a pool liner is for protection against UV radiation, harsh and nasty weather conditions, and pool chemicals. Pool liners extend the life of your pool.

You should not abandon the notion of swimming and using your new purchase during winter since you can make the pool water warm and comfortable with the help of a pool heater. Solar pool heaters are available to satisfy energy conscious customers as well and for those looking to save money.

Pool covers help in insulating the pool water that is heated by the pool heater. Solar pool covers with reels (to make deployment and retrieval that much easier) can be purchased to fulfill the insulation requirements. Automatic pool cleaners, water proof vacuum brooms, boat pool skimmers, and many other types of cleaning mechanisms are available to suit both residential and professional swimming pool customers.

You can select a type of ladder, slide, and steps from numerous models to match your space availability, budget, and taste. There are ladders attached to diving boards, or simple diving stands with springs that can be fitted to almost any size swimming pool.

Water balance chemicals, algaecides, chlorine-free winterizing packages, chlorine winterizing kits, and start-up chemical kits are some of the chemicals that help in cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool throughout the year. Pool sanitizing systems, chlorine generators, and ozonators are other supplies that can be purchased.

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