Travel Potty On the Go

Travel Potty
Being a new mom, I really don't have that much experience, particularly when it was time for our toddler to be potty trained. Personally, I was having tough time training my toddler who is almost 2 1/2 year old.

As a new parent, my husband bought a book that would teach us how to potty train. I understand that it needs a little time, patience plus the right equipment.

There were coupled of times that we put off our vacation since our tot is in the midst of toilet training. I feel that it would be inconvenient for us to take a trip aside from the fact that it would be stressful for me and my toddler at the same time.

However, after further reading the book that hubby did purchase, we certainly need to buy a travel potty seat to make him get used to it. What I dislike about potty training a child is the fact that it is much too challenging to visit anyplace without being concerned about possible wetting incidents.

I really like the thought of getting travel potty for my 2.5 year old tot, and while posting this short article, I am trying to explore potty gears for our little guy. I've been told great things with regards to the Caboose, but I guess the Potty-on-the-Go is likely the ideal solution since it seems like it would stay probably the most clean or sanitary.

A travel potty would be ideal for little ones and young kids to take around on extended car outings or excursions. The wonderful thing is the fact that it effortlessly retracts to a brief-case size. Just attach a non reusable bag, and this potty is going anywhere you want to. The 2 big storage space accommodates more area for supplies, which includes 4 zip lock disposable gallon bags.

The seat is light-weight and it provides sufficient storage for training pants, baby wipes, and additional storage plastic bags. Some parents stated that they can easily fit about 15 bags, 6-8 pull-up and half a pack of wipes inside storage compartments. Some other positive aspect is that it is possible to purchase the generic brand of gallon bags, and they work perfectly fine, so it's not necessary to throw away cash on getting specific plastic bags.

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