Do you Prefer Onions ?

For a second time, I visited my friend a few days ago. We have simply been talking, sitting and watching TV, as well as eating meals in between. Practically, nothing interesting and we went home early.

Anyway, in case you tend not to prefer onions, a little something might be wrong with you. Just about any meal with onions is instantly much more yummy. On the other hand, any kind of food with nuts seems to lose the brownie factors with me personally. However, cashew chicken is appetizing and scattered with a variety of onions... and yet devoid of the cashews, it becomes extraordinary.

Onions, scallions, leeks, garlic most of this stuff is actually scrumptious. The other day I had a sliced garlic bread along with chive seasoning as well as an onion cream cheese spread from my Bagels. That's possibly the best first meal of the day at any time, in my opinion.

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