How Do you Like Being A Girl?

Reasons why I love being a girl.. Here's why..

1.) We can have wider variety of shoes collection

2.) We could decide among outfits, dresses, jeans, stockings, jeggings-- take your pick.

3.) We certainly have plenty of hairdo possible choices.

4.) We can easily put on make-up or perhaps select the au naturel look.

5.) We could color our own fingernails.

7.) We all be capable of making guys weak on the knees.

8.) We get asked on dates.

9.) We get in free of charge on Ladies Night.

10.) We get to spend our hubby's money for a shopping marathon - weeeh!!

So why do you like being a woman,ladies? In case you are a boy, just what would likely you like most in case you may possibly transform gender for one day?

1 comment:

shydub said...

i love being girl ky makapaduding ta tsang hehe bitaw uy, before i wish to become a boy mn ky mas easy ang life sa boy. but karon girl naku hahahaha