Law school in PA

I’m packing right now to move to Pennsylvania for law school! I finally feel like all of my hard work for the past four years of college is going to pay off. There were times when my friends were out at parties and I skipped on their plans to go study for an exam. As for times like those, I wish that I was able to work it out so I could do both, but sometimes that just wasn’t possible.

Anyway, I start law school in about a month and am grateful that I decided to go this route because so many of my friends who graduated with me in May are still without jobs. It’s pretty scary but I’m really glad I have this to fall back on.

The worst part of getting ready for school though, has been getting everything in my apartment ready while I’m living with my parents in West Virginia. Here they use satellite internet West VA so my mom told me I should find something similar. I came across wildblue in PA and it seemed dependable enough so I’m setting it up in my apartment a few weeks from now so I’ll be well-equipped and ready to tackle law school!

Guest post written by Roxy Bowers

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