My Child and the Internet

These days, technological advances have made it possible for almost every household to have an internet satellite connection. While this is a wonderful resource to have for children who are in school studying, it can also be a bit of a threat to a young person who doesn’t understand the ramifications of going online. Children need to be well-educated about the internet before they are allowed to have free reign over the computer. That’s why, when my son was old enough to start surfing the net, I made sure to be there every step of the way.

The best way to teach your child how to properly use the internet is to be there at all times when they are first starting to use it. That way, if they stray from an approved site to a site that is questionable, you can show them the warning signs and how them how to navigate away. You can also tell your child that you have installed software that does its best to block these undesirable sites, but they might not all be blocked. Make sure to tell them not to ever give their name or phone number to anyone online, no matter who the person says they are.

Having satellite internet is a wonderful resource to have in my home, but I had to make sure that my children were going to be safe when they surfed the hughes satellite CA connection.

Guest blog post written by Amanda Love


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may sarili ng computer ang koala mo mommy Ummz. Busy kami sa 4th of July, naka upo mag hapon hahaha. walang fireworks mommy. Very boringever 4th of july namin. Kayo saya siguro ano?

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