Painful Menstruation

Dysmenorrhea is an expression used to describe an agonizing monthly period. I believe most of you might be wondering, well sure, just about every woman is affected with dysmenorrhea. Actually, they don't...which is the vocabulary description in layman's terminology, allow me to provide you with the specific description when it comes to somebody that is suffering from this particular condition:

Dysmenorrhea: a condition referred to as the most uncomfortable bodily feminine discomfort next to giving birth with no epidural. A painful sensation so extreme that you're going to contemplate significantly a hysterectomy or surgical removal of the uterus at the young age of 20. A condition which could basically make you confined to bed for days at a stretch. I believe that is most likely the accurate description.

I have experienced this particular syndrome, since I was 11 years old. Personally, I seemed to be left struggling to perform anything at all, fortunately, no more than a couple of days roughly. I wouldn't manage to consume food or perhaps be close to food because I will throw up, I experienced essentially the most serious cramping pains, which could 't be temporarily relieved by any kind of heating pad, Midol or Advil, backaches, lightheadedness as well as headaches to name some of my faves.

For this reason, I have been on contraceptive ever since I was 12 to be able to reduce the sickness. So girls, are you suffering from these conditions? How do you manage?

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