Preparing For A Smooth Move

Moving is a big chore! There were so many things that had to be done to prepare for my recent move to Nashville. It seemed that I would never be done!

I began preparing for the move by arranging for all of our utilities to be transferred. This included our home telephone service, electricity, cable, Internet, and water. There were transfer fees for them all. I also spoke with a really nice gentleman from Security Choice ADT who explained all of my options and choices and even personally came out to install home security service for me.

Once I had the most important stuff done I called a couple of grocery stores in the area and got plenty of boxes that were used to box all of my belongings in. This saved me quiet a bit of money, so I was very thankful for them letting me have those.

On the way there I stopped at the post office and put in a change of address. This gave it a couple of weeks time to take effect. So far, I was ahead and doing good. I also notified the newspaper we'd be moving and to stop our subscription.

Once I brought the boxes home it was the husband’s turn to put in some work. He began to box things up while I contacted the new schools my children would be attending and got them placed in school.

Thanks to guest blogger Lacy Rhoner for the post.

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