We are Looking for New Hybrid Car

Since I've been driving the Lincoln navigator for the past couple of years, I noticed that this SUV is truly comfortable particularly when taking this crib to a long drive. We love traveling off the road and therefore, having a big car to drive is really beneficial.

However, since the gas prices continue to skyrocket these days, we are contemplating to test drive some Hybrids or perhaps sedans like the SAAB 9-5 to make alternate with our existing SUV. Honestly, I'm not ready for a change, but having more than two cars is the best way to save our gas expenditures as we take pleasure in traveling long distance.

We already have the Volvo XC90 which is a mid-size luxury SUV and has a capacity of seven people inside which is perfect for outing. We have a big extended family, and every time we are spending outdoors, driving this kind of car is truly useful.

By the way, we are celebrating our Thanksgiving in San Fransisco as my mother in law moved over there together with grandma since last year. Grandma's health is deteriorating, so she decided to take care of her along with her older sister. Therefore, she was inviting the whole family to pay a visit, and as a result, it would be fewer hassles if we drive in going there. I look forward to our trip in San Francisco, and for sure our little Koala will enjoy overlooking the view of the Golden Bridge.

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