My New Nail Polish

I have a new fave nail polish despite the fact that it takes longer to dry it on my hands. I know a lot of people rave about this Sally Hansen Double Duty because it holds up well and provides some protection from fading and staining as well.

I've been using this for the past couple of months, and I am totally impressed. Before I was struggling with my nails getting ridged and dry, blame it to my laziness in putting the base and top coats. And as a matter of fact, it would be a lucky day if my day goes well without making an indentation on my nail polish. I'm kind of restless and I find it hard to sit still for a specified duration just for coatings and layers to dry.

Though I made some attempt with various base coats , I find Hansen to be useful and works perfectly. I bought this nail polish on sale plus I have the chance to choose for the nail hardener as well.

So my final thoughts:
1. It maintains my nail polish nick free for a couple of days.

2.) it helps my nails not to look more yellowish after wearing dark polish

3.) Doesn't mess up your nails, although it's a bit sticky not until it is entirely dry.


*♥Shydub♥* said...

Ka sosy sa imung nail polish stang. dili ko mahilig nail polish i only apply nail polish to my dirty nails if im in the parlor hehe

D said...

agoy dugay nako wala kag nail polish da....DIY lang man ko sistah kay can't afford ko sa nail salon...nyahhahaha!

btw, thanks a lot sa birthday greetings and wishes...so sweet of you!

musta na si YL? wala na nag sick? hope all is well...tawon dugay na man ko wala kag laag dire...hinay naman akong powers mag blog hop ron....ehhehehe....d nako active tungod aning daghan nga blogs...waaaa...pila naman kabuok imong blogs tawon? ako kay 6 na...waaaa...5 lang man unta to...pero gihatag man ni tsang Shy ang usa nya ka blog sa ako...maong na 6 na...atot kau...ahahhaha!

mau paka dire sistah kay busy permi sa opps....dami mo na moolah....:)

agi ko dire kadali kay labadami ang lunes...daghan pa dishes wala na itsa sa dishwasher...waaaa....:)

sige sistah...thanks again...mwah! au-au....:)