Shop Online and Save Some Time

Almost every year we would spend hours shopping at the mall and other stores and then stand in those long lines buying school clothes and supplies. This year I used the satellite internet service OK connection to get on the satellite internet and shop for school clothes and supplies.

The majority of the stores we use to shop at in the mall are offering discounts and free shipping when you buy the clothes or supplies on line. It is such an amazing thing to do. Browse through the store online and take your time at looking at the clothes without the rush. Make sure you shop early or you will have to pay extra to have the items purchased shipped to you in time for the start of the new school year.

This year I am shopping for my senior. He has already purchased his shorts (4 pair) from American Eagle. I received a notice in my email that they were offering 25% off with free shipping. That saved time and gas money. He also purchased his shoes online. I will also be purchasing his school supplies online too. Just look for the stores that are offering the discount plus free shipping. It is so amazing how easy it is to shop online.

Contributed by Alec Bates

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