Spice Organizer -A Little Spice to Kitchen Organization

spice organizerLately, I've been cooking a lot and having some issues in finding the spices that I needed. I'm getting tired of opening the cupboards and rummaging for the spices available while busy cutting the vegetables and ingredients. Can you imagine that kind of scenario?

So I decided to organize my pantry by buying some kitchen spice racks to get me more motivated in cooking. Besides spice racks are essential to make my kitchen look more tidy and well organized especially if you'll be able install a wall spice rack for easy access so you don't have a hard time reaching the spices that you need while cooking.

I heard about pull down spice rack, which is generally a fantastic way to maintain an orderly kitchen area because you can just mount the rack at the base of your own cupboard and work like a concealed door. Therefore, anytime you require some spices or herbs, you can simply pull down the door, and you can have an easy access with your spices.

There are actually a couple of shelving needed to secure the spices, nevertheless, it is dependent upon the dimensions of the containers of the particular spices to be able to store a whole lot of condiments. The most effective attribute of this spice rack is the fact that when you have company of friends at home chances are, they will not be likely to notice it, thus creating a clean kitchen area.


Clarissa said...

I love fancy spice racks lalo na pag mounted but we're living kasi in an apartment,bawal daw ang mounting(T_T)Gosh I so love those spice rack!

shydub said...

this is a sosy spice container wouldn'tmind at all if i have one of these. kaya lng parang hindi to bababagay sa kusinako tsang hehe