Are You a Fan of Bottled Water?

One thing I noticed here that lots of people tend to choose drinking in bottled water, so I ask my husband if it is risk-free to consume water from the tap. He quickly expressed yes, but told me that majority of people used the bottled water because its cheap and besides, they don't trust the cleanliness of the water pipes. Therefore, they opt to drink in bottled water instead.

So I thought, what's the essence of receiving clean water then when people don't have the confidence in using it anyway?

In Taipei, most people tend to drink bottled water as well considering the fact that they are not confident in using the tap water as drinking sources.

I don't declare myself as a tree hugging person and even seldom attempt in reusing or recycling stuffs, but I believe it's just useless for drinking bottled water. My point is, did you ever gotten a word that somebody got sick following of drinking the water from the tap? For sure, the US government will not remain quite in the event that an occurrence takes place.

So tell me, in what way we may criticize in using the plastic bag too much - do you remember the "Bring your Own Bag" campaign - at the same time tossing plastic bottles openly?

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The Facts About Bottled Water

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Clarissa said...

I guess the difference is the taste and smell--don't get me wrong,we're drinking water from the tap but I just learned the difference because we lived before at the mountainside and the taste of the water there and what we are drinking here at the apartment is far different.
Of course,drinking water from the tap doesn't get you sick,I guess...