Decorating New Home

Author: Joseph Sandoval

I recently purchased a new home in Nashville, Tennessee. I love absolutely everything about it. From the hard wood floors to the tall ceilings, I couldn't be happier with my new residence. The only problem is filling up the space. I moved from a two-bedroom condo and now have three bedrooms, a dining room and a finished basement.

Of course, I feel as if there is some sort of deadline that I have to have the home decorated by and I have been shopping and decorating like crazy. I have been looking for inspiration all over the place and have found so many great decorating websites using my CLEAR Internet.

Between all of the decorating websites and magazines that I have purchased, I know exactly what look I want for each room of the home. I have sketches, inspiration books and pictures of pieces that I want, now I just have to find everything. I love getting to shop for new furniture and accessories way more than I ever thought I would. Having a guide of what I am looking for has been a great help for me.

Between all of my inspirations and the great pieces that I have found while shopping, my house has been coming together at a steady pace. I hate coming home to empty walls and unfinished rooms, so I am really focusing on completing every room of the house within a six month plan, should my budget allow.

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