Do you Think the Advent of Technology is Distancing Us from our Kids?

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Nowadays, most of us are so attached with our iphone or Blackberry, as this is the first thing that we reach for every time we wake up in the morning and its almost nearly impossible to turn them off. Just a couple several months ago, we tried to check the updates from our Facebook once in a while but at this point, it seems too difficult to disregard without checking it regularly.

Many of us perform more or less everything yet devoid of thinking and in several occasions, not having been realizing that it's our children have noticed. Our kids observe our own reliance on mobile phones as well as other devices and just how everything and everyone comes a distant second to technologies and continuous communication.

It isn't unusual for teens and youngsters are sending emails and text messages similar to the pros. We trained and educated them precisely how essential these types of communication have grown to be and the way a mobile phone call, text message or e-mail simply cannot be brushed aside.

As a result, it's not surprising then that a number of moms and dad have forfeited the opportunity to interact with their own children. And so, we put the blame by indicating that it is our children's problem; that they are the ones with their ears are constantly plugged with ubiquitous earphones and their eyes are fixated to the monitor. Although like all sorts of things they do, they actually learn their behavior from us as parents.. Their absence of verbal exchanges with us is because of our lack of communication with them.

However, possibly the best way forward with regard to disconnected parents should be to begin greeting their children by simply setting aside the cell phone and shutting off the laptop computer. You might not cope with your kids, yet at a minimum they'll understand they're more valuable to you compared to the next random e-mail.


shydub said...

Bitaw tsang no, atong anak pindoton nlng keyboard aron mapansin hehehe.

imriz said...

hi,umma, back here reading...
sometimes, i realized that i'm spending so much on the computers than my kitchen, ouch!!!

Mrs.D said...

nice topic sistah...obviously daghan maka relate ani...labi na mga mommy bloggers...ehehehe!

musta na sistah ko...miss you na jud...sensya na pod karon lang ko kabalik dire...hinay naman ko sa blog hopping sistah....maong pa giveaway nalang ko...para naa gamay traffic..nyahahha...busy akong life kay mag skul na si Akesha next year...ako iya tutor...nya naa swimming lesson si Akesha every other day during the week....nya busy pod ko kay ngita me ug haws tawon...lisod mag puyo sa apt...ehehehe!

musta naman ka diha? beauty parin am sure...ehehehe...woi, busy diay ka himo ug baby diha? na kami tawon woi, wala pa man jud...asa na kaha si X&Y chromosomes nag langoy...ehehehe!

I can't wait to see you getting preggy again...ayay...maunhan jud ko ani...ehehehe!

salamat sa dalaw sistah...miss yah...mwah!