The History Channel - My own classroom

By far the history channel is my favorite educational channel on satellite television from direct.tv. It has so many shows on amazing people that have lived throughout history. For example, there was this one show on George Washington called “Washington the Warrior.” Before I watched this show I had no idea how much hardship George Washington went through during his time in the Revolutionary War. By watching this program and others like it I have been inspired by this man's courage and strength.

The History Channel has so many shows in a wide range of topics. You can watch a show one hour on the Revolutionary war and the next hour you can watch a show on the universe. When you think about it almost all categories of study can fall into the realm of history. There is a show on this Thursday at 9/8c on the universe and on Sunday there is a show on at 10/9c called Swamp People. This diverse schedule makes watching the History Channel on satellite television exciting.

I am also always impressed with the caliber of experts the History Channel gets to help with its shows. These people really know their stuff and I am so excited, that when I watch my satellite television that I can learn from them. I love to learn and to explore things in the past. I can do this most effectively by watching my favorite educational program, The History Channel.

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

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imriz said...

yes, my favorite on our local cable, too. i'm pushing (er, FORCING) my lad to watch, too, hehe