Homemade Facial Mask for Oily Skin

Facial Mask for Oily SkinI believe the majority of women these days don't have the time to drop everything and visit a day spa for that maximum facial treatment they needed. As a result, I like to recommend making a "do-it-yourself" face mask to be able to replenish your epidermis as you continue to prepare food for dinner, folding the clothes or perhaps working in your garden.

Do-it-yourself face masks are ideal for providing oneself the spa treatment without having to sacrifice the amount of time or your hard earned cash. You should give yourself a break by putting on a “masquerade party” face mask on a weekly basis to allow your skin a beautiful glean.


Ingredients: one banana, 1 tbsp of honey, one orange or lemon.

Procedure: Combine the banana and honey at the same time, put in a handful drop of lemon or lime juice, put on to your neck and face by leaving the concoction for fifteen minutes. You can rinse it thoroughly by using warm water.

Why you need to take advantage of this? Lemon or lime juice is known as a natural astringent and banana make an excellent paste base to be able to bind the ingredients. While the honey help keeps the skin moisturized preventing the skin from becoming dry.

Quick word of advice: Parsley happens to be considered efficient in getting rid of blackheads if you supplement your face mask concoction.

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