Kirk Douglas at His Finest

Most people are familiar with the more modern Kirk Douglas films. Paths of Glory, set in France during World War I. It is a true classic. I saw this film recently one evening. I had no problem in setting my apartment's Adt specials security alarm system, so I would not be vandalized upon my return.

This was a great performance on the part of Mr. Douglas. It seems to me that just about all the older films are superior to the modern ones. The quality of acting is superior in the past films.

I try to get out to the theater in my area that shows the older films at least twice a month. I recommend to others to get out to see these films as well. The ones in black and white are preferable and I do not care for the remaking of the films from black and white to color. This is tampering with the original intent of the film. I prefer the type of woman who likes these types of films and have found one who likes the films and me as well.

Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

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