Korean Style - Anchovies Omelette

Before, I used to think that microwave was so overrated or excessively valued. What I'm saying is truly, spending $100 bucks for the purpose of heating or warming food as well as making popcorn is actually a little bit too costly for me personally -- specifically for the reason that in some part of the world that is certainly higher than a monthly wage of your respective house maid.

However, for those who have simply no cleaning lady at home, like me, it does come a bit convenient from time to time. Apart from heating up diner food and popcorn, it is possible to create various other meals by using it at the same time.

I learned this recipe from a Korean next door neighbor. It is not actually difficult and this recipe is tasty.

All you need for Ingredients:
four eggs,
sliced spring onion
one cup of water
salt and pepper to taste
dried anchovies.

Mix all ingredients all together using a microwave container, stir them well and place it the microwave oven for at least 6-10 minutes until it turns to golden brown. You should try it.

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Mama Ko said...

I wonder how it taste like tsang, you should put picture para makita nku aron tilaan ug lami ba hehehe