The Miracle of All

A good friend of my sister in law once told us that her MIL swore the effectiveness of using Miracle whip as an exfoliating cream to remove dead cells in our face. And I could vouch for that after seeing her mother in law. She has the flawless skin I could ever imagine and therefore, I set aside my disgust with this icky salad cream and make an effort to try it regularly.

I have learned that the Miracle Cream consists of ingredients that can remove flaky, dead skin thus it helps normalize extremely greasy skin.

Anyway, if you wish to try this out. Just follow the instructions below:

1.) If you have a long hair, make sure to tie them back - except if you would like to experience the results of salad cream around your locks.

2.) After that, you can start applying a small amount of cream around your neck and face but keep away from the eye area.

3.) Let it sit for approximately 10 to 15 minutes the most and lightly massage your face and neck to let the flaky, dead skin easily get rid off with the salad cream.

4.) Wash it out thoroughly with warm water and pat it dry.

I might warn you, the salad cream stinks to the highest level, perhaps due to the vinegar ingredients but is most likely accountable for the astonishing results as well. Therefore, I simply cannot whine. Additionally, it feels greasy and strange yet right after a matter of minutes it dissolved onto my skin.

I am thrilled to let you know that my dry skin turned out to be super smooth and tight. I’m very stunned with the results. You should try it too and add this routine to your regular exfoliating process in order to reach an awesome skin rejuvenation without depleting your bank account.

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