Google Street View of Antartica

Google Street View of Antartica
Once again, Google has brought their contentious Street View mapping program to some place in the world in which the nearby occupants are less likely to become an issue - Antarctica - regardless confronted by privacy concerns in Germany and in different places.

Representatives of the Street View team traveled in conjunction with a journey to a part of Antarctica known as Half Moon Island just recently. The ensuing sights of the frosty tundra at this point imply that Street View has mapped out the areas of the seven continents.

Obviously, there are not plenty of roadways on Half Moon Island so to speak, yet that fact did not cease Google. They have overlying tracks around the images to help you go along to get a virtual tour. Simply click on Pegman – or in this instance PegPenguin – and you'll discover many magnificent sights.

As for those uncomplaining locals – which is the large number of penguins that fill the Half Moon Island – they seemed a lot more pleased in posing for pictures!

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