Halloween dogs

Every year for Halloween we go all out with our food, candy, decorations and even all of our costumes. That even goes for our dogs.

We started dressing up our dogs in Halloween costumes a few years back when the craze of dressing up your dogs in all kinds of clothes really got crazy. Our two Jack Russell terriers have been ghosts, Frankenstein and even zombies before. So right now I'm on the look out for an even better costume for each of them. When I was looking online for them some costumes. When I was searching for some earlier I found clearwirewimax4g.com and I think that we're going to switch over our internet service to it.

I found this one funny costume that makes it look like a big alligator is eating the dog and the dog's front legs are hanging out of its mouth. Now as funny as it is, I think it would be a little cruel to make your dog wear that because he would be dragging that huge fake alligator behind him, but it sure is funny for a picture.

Guest post written by Sherri Rogers

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♥Oh! GoSh yhS♥ said...

apil dog naa own halloween costume . ready na si koala sa halloween tsang