Painting fall leaves

I've taken up painting since I retired and one of my favorite things to do is practice painting by painting leaves because they're so intricate and have so many different colors that if you can paint one of them, I feel like you can paint almost anything in nature.

I actually got the idea when I read online somewhere when I was using my new clear bundle deals that I had found that that's how the painter Bob Timberlake learned how to paint, by just trying to get leaves to look exactly like the real things when he painted them. It is a little tougher than you would think because you have to mimic nature and get the colors exactly right, even on something as small as leaves.

Now I'm not anywhere close to being nearly as good as Bob Timberlake, but I'm starting to get to be able to make the leaves look almost the same as they do in real life. I think I'm almost there.

Guest post written by Grant Parks

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