Professional Baseball Stadium Experience

A crowd of cheering and jeering fans at a professional baseball game weaves an atmosphere of esprit de corps. There is an intrinsic euphoria that unites everyone in attendance. The air vibrates with hoorays for the home team and boos for the visitors.

My home team pride overflows when we beat a visiting superstar team. There are no strangers at baseball games when everyone is there for the same reason. No one gets upset with the lines at food vendors or when entering and exiting the stadium.

Having hundreds of my closest seat mates voice their concurrence with my opinion of the action is a great satisfaction. Sharing the adventure with the people who came with me only enhances the experience. Spill drinks and dropped snacks is a minor price to pay for sudden stand-up-and-cheer plays. The rare double header only serves to extend the excitement.

Occasionally a game starts too early or too late for me to attend in person. On those days I take advantage of satellite TV from direc4u.com and yell my views at the non-responsive screen. I also make sure that my drink and snacks are securely placed on a table. The TV coverage gives me a better overall view of the field action. But nothing can replace the pleasure of being at the stadium and living the action as it happens.

Guest post of the week by Robby Sykes

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