Happy Birthday Mareng Niks

It's 22nd of November in Philippines, and I know this is an exceptional day for a special friend.

I am not sure if she is already back in Manila after the much awaited weekend vacation in Bohol. But I just want to wish a Happy Birthday my beloved kumareng Niks today. This gorgeous mommy is one of my treasured friends here in the blogging world. Words are not enough to describe on how our friendship had blossomed into a real one. Our profound bond just swiveled stronger each year, and I'm so grateful that we finally met when we paid a visit to Manila this summer.

I want to express my appreciation for all the things you've done to me, through good times and bad times notwithstanding. You are such a sweet friend whom I greatly valued. Hope you enjoy your birthday today. I missed you.

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niko said...

thank you so much mare!!! :( this made me cry. as always, its tears of happiness geeeez you're so sweet!! and the feeling is mutual mare. BFF!!! ^_^ hihihih

i wish i can learn to do a banner as gorgeous as this, hihihi.

i missss u too mare!!! lets talk soon! ayt?? loveu lots!! mwah mwahnesss :)