Warriors Basketball

This October is the first year that I've ever bothered to watch preseason basketball. The reason? The Warriors picked up a slew of new players and are finally going to stop playing small ball with the retirement of their coach, Don Nelson.

With Nelson's retirement, I was looking forward to seeing new coach, Keith Smart's, player rotations, what style they would play under Coach Smart and whether he could get the new members of the team to fit in with the five remaining players from last years roster. Another thing I wanted to see was how all-star power forward David Lee and promising young small forward Dorell Wright, who both signed with the Warriors this off-season, would mesh with the other starting players (Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry and Andris Biedrins).

One area I was concerned with is the Warriors bench. After trading away most of their depth off the bench for Lee and letting go of key bench contributors Anthony Morrow and C.J. Watson in order to sign Wright, I wanted to see who Coach Smart trusted and who would be the first players off the bench. One player many fans are also anxious to see is Brandan Wright. The player who was traded for Jason Richardson has so far only seen 77 games in his 3 year career. Although a lot of questions still remain, it was great to get a small look at the preseason thanks to the satellite tv I got after researching direct tv vs dish.

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