Watch Justice In Action For Satisfaction

If you're an analytical person and you enjoy true crime, there is no show that comes close to Forensic Files. If you get nauseous when you watch true crime shows, don't eliminate Forensic Files right away. Most people get nauseous because of what happens to the victims. This indeed is horrible and your physical reaction is 100% justifiable.

Nothing can be more disgusting than one person harming another for personal reasons. However, there is another aspect to this show that a lot of true crime shows don't offer. The criminal will be caught by the end of the show - every single time. Watching that man or woman be placed in cuffs and tossed into a police car, or better yet, sentenced to life in prison, is extremely satisfying. It shows that our technology has come so far that crime is actually on the decline despite a growing population.

Can you even comprehend how important this is? Where would we be without forensics? Can you imagine crime from the 70s in today's world? That would not be a good combination. Forensic Files is more than just a television show. In my opinion, it shows us how we're progressing as a human race. There are a variety of reasons why I watch Forensic Files on Free on Demand on my satellite tv that I got after comparing directv vs cable packages, but justice is easily the #1 reason.

Guest post by Felicia Pittman

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