Is A Sinister Computer Keylogger In Your Future ?

If you are not quite the geek you would like to be, it is possible that a keylogger will be something to infect your computer. What is that? It is a type of malicious software that records ( logs ) the keyboard strokes from your computer. It records the buttons you push and can send that information to another place, thanks to a web connection. Those buttons, of course, include your credit card number, bank account number, passwords, home address and anything else you type in using the keyboard.

A stealth iBot flash drive will be able to do much of the above. It can install itself in ten seconds onto a popular Windows platform. There is no word about other platforms yet. The flash drive is manually installed on the target computer and allowed to do its job. Later it is reinstalled to download the data to its same flash drive. Now screen shots and what not from the target computer are seen. It is interesting to note that regular scans of the target computer with anti viruses and anti malware programs did not detect the presence of the iBot program.

Cell phone surveillance is much the same. If you have a person of interest who you would like to know what they are up to, it is possible to read old deleted text messages from a cell phone with certain tools. SIM card readers that hook up to a computer through a USB adaptor are available for Windows computers.


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