There Is No Way You Can Ignore The Craftsmanship Of An Audi Or BMW

When you get into an Audi, you know you are in a machine made with class. Taking a look at the Audi A4, it looks very sporty with the typical front fascia and grill. The mark gets twenty two miles per gallon in the city and thirty miles per gallon on the highway. The engine is a two liter four cylinder model. For safety, there are siding and curtain airbags. A navigation, bluetooth and ipod input is optional features for driving comfort.

The Mercedes Benz M class is another German legend represented by the Mercedes-Benz Ml450. This is a hybrid car, shaped like an SUV, that has a range of motors under the hood. There are a V6 gas motor and two electric motors that provide a total of 340 horsepower. That is quite a lot. The results of this mixture of motors are a fifty percent better mileage rating over a V8 model. The hybrid is able to run on electric alone up to 34 miles per hour, as long as there are no hills or hard acceleration.

Porsche and BMW are the sports cars of the great North. They have been the desire of many a young boy and remain a potent pointer of success in daily life. There is hardly a man alive that is not familiar with the abilities of a Porsche 911. The 5 series of Bavarian Motor Works is not far behind in legend. The 528e is still in use in many cities, with 300,000 miles seen on this model. How many miles will you get on yours?

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