Quality Transcends Time

Levis is by now a synonym with quality pants, and it comes as no surprise, since Levi Strauss was the inventor of jeans. During the last century, this company expanded, and they are now producing a large variety of pants, with the Levis 501 being among the public’s favorite for half a century.

In fact, these garments are just a popular as they were in the 50s, and the reason behind this success is versatility. Just like most Levis, you can wear the Levis 501 at the office, on a construction site or as casual pants. If you can’t decide between several pairs, you can’t go wrong to purchase a few because on the long run, there will be countless opportunities to wear them.

If we are to speak of clothing companies whose reputation precedes them, then we can’t forget America’s favorite, Woolrich Clothing. These guys have been around for 178 years and with such a meaningful career behind them. It is obvious that they couldn’t have made it so far without outstanding products. The Woolrich jackets are some of the most representative pieces of garments they are selling, and the simple and elegant design is just as appealing today as it was one century ago.

You don’t have to be a fashion guru to realize that what they’ve come up with by designing Woolrich jackets is a product that easily endures the test of time. Our grandparents were probably just as thrilled as we are to wear Woolrich jackets, but unfortunately for them, they didn’t have to retail such as Dave’s to go shopping.

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