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What drives people risking a sum of money on sports even when the laws prohibit these activities and why are they so sure they can beat the system? There is no definitive answer on this matter, but there are a few explanations that have endured the test of time and will probably be valid for a long time.

One of the main reason people go to great lengths to bet on sports is the need for adrenaline rush. There are so many games we like watching and commenting, but when we are not fervent supporters of either team, the chances are high to get bored with it sooner or later. By placing a bet on sports we make it more exciting and even those games which would otherwise go unnoticed become major events. Rooting for one side or expecting a certain event to happen during the game, makes the entire experience mush more exciting.

The other important reason to bet on sports is the desire to earn some easy money, while using a skill most people think they have. Beating the bookies is a tall order, but many people think that they can achieve it and basketball betting is regarded as the best way to do it. The reason behind this idea is that usually the difference between the teams involved is considerable and the spreads are generous. These are confidence boosters for those who hope to win easy money while having fun, and basketball betting provides a lot of adrenaline rush as well, due to the game's dynamism.

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I don't gamble and I lost a lot of opps because I religiously turned down opps about gambling. But I don't judge people who gamble. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.